Western Horse Raised/Imprint & Cutter
Western Horse Raised/Imprint & Cutter
Western Horse Raised/Imprint & Cutter

Western Horse Raised/Imprint & Cutter

Stamped By Amelia
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Imprint & Raised size roughly: 65mm Wide by 75mm High

Cutter size roughly: 70mm Wide by 80mm High. Cutter Depth 15mm

Please choose from the drop down menu - default is set to the Raised version with matching cutter.

Raised & Matching Cutter

Imprint & Matching Cutter

Raised & Imprint with Matching Cutter (combo)

 Cutter & Imprint Cleaning Care
• Heat sensitive material keep below 50°C
• Not dishwasher safe
• Small parts not suitable for children

Amelia's Tips:

1. Queens fondant works great for raised stamps in particular, i find it nice and soft which is perfect for getting that pop.

2. Make sure your fondant is thick enough roughly 2mm - 3mm thick and nice and fresh! fresh fondant gives you the best results. Once you start re using your piece of fondant or leaving it open in the air for too long it loses its softness.

3. Use cornflour on your work area and also lightly on the fondant.

3. Press the embosser with just enough pressure into your fondant to produce a beautiful embossed/raised effect.

4. Using a fluffy food grade brush to brush the excess corn flour off.

Embosser Cleaning Care

The Embosser is reusable, wash with a sponge in warm soapy water using a very soft brush if needed for those small areas. Do not use any abrasive materials to clean it and do not put in the dishwasher.